March 01, 2009

Pantry Challenge Update...

The pantry Challenge is going a lot better that I expected. Food has been a little scarce this week but that is only because I felt like going on strike.

Here's a recap:

On February 2, Bear and I made a trip that I personally think we should all just ignore.

chocolate chip cookie dough
2 ltr Big Red
vanilla ice cream
and for some reason cottage cheese (large curd of course)

Total: 9.57

On Feb. 9:

chocolate syrup
apricot jelly
2 canned green chilies
2 bell peppers
4 potatoes
razors for her

Total: 21.13

On Feb. 10 (I don't know why I went the very next day):

turkey bacon
more tortillas (I know now, I wanted to make a double batch of enchiladas)
turkey deli meat
and ummm, something for Mommy and Daddy

Total: 15.94

On Feb. 17:

chicken breast
ranch dressing
jello pudding

Total: 14.44

On Feb. 20:

roma tomatoes
engine oil
2 butters
3 fruit cocktail

Total: 19.80

The last two trips were largely because my parents were coming down and I made lunch and dinner. The ingredients used were still less that eating out and we had two days of leftovers.

So, the grand total, including the normal sized first trip,two company meals, and a few personal items, comes to $186.57. Am I impressed? Not really. It has been six week since my PC declaration and considering that our average monthly food cost is 200, six weeks would normally be $300. It is a savings but not as much as I anticipated.

But wait, if you take out the 61.34 of the original trip that brings the total spent during the PC to 125.23. Ok, that is more in line with what I expected, about $20 a week. Alright, so maybe I am impressed. Could I have done better? Absolutely. But I'm not done yet...

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