January 26, 2009

Really, I'm doing this thing...

I have promised myself I am going to start blogging for real. I am having a small personal identity crisis right now. (surprise, surprise, a SAHM having identity issues) I think writing would really help. I used to write religiously in a journal but now that I'm married, that somehow seems wrong. Weird I know. Journals are private places, places to spill out all those deep down things, sometime nasty hurtful things, sometimes secret insightful things, onto paper. To me it feels like keeping a secret from Bear. I would tell him anything in the world but I would still not like him to read my journal. Therefore it doesn't feel right. At the same time I need to write badly, it always makes me feel better. So here I go...

Also I fell sort of bad for leeching so much from the blogosphere and not giving back. I lurk on so many blogs it's not even funny. I'm pretty sure I have ummmmm, like around zero readers but still.

In other news, I updated the 'look'. What do you think? I feel so blog illiterate because I couldn't figure out how other people got their blogs to look oh so adorable. Then I found the answer! The Cutest Blog on the Block! They have hundreds of free backgrounds and accessories. I didn't look at them all because I totally fell in love with this one. The only bad thing is that I had to get rid of my three page layout that I was SOOOO proud of making. You would think as a third year engineer I would not be so daunted by a little Html editing but I am. :P

So...do you like it? Is the font color easy to read? It looks good on my screen but I'm thinking it could get too bright. Let me know...all zero of you.

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