November 17, 2008

Menu Plan Monday...

Monday -- TX Cowboy's Pie
Tuesday -- Chicken Fried Rice (Bear's favorite, a sure winner)
Wednesday -- Mac and Cheese
Thursday -- Marsala and Polenta
Friday -- Left Overs
Saturday -- Tacos
Sunday -- Provolone Wrapped Chicken
and biscuits

Here it is, my first official Menu Plan Monday.

I have been trying this for months but it does not work for me. I'm not sure why I keep trying. I love the theory, I just can't master the application. In fact this plan is already off. We went out this evening. I think I will take out the Mac and Cheese and shift everything.

At first, I only shopped for the minimum ingredients of the plan. But inevitably something would happen, my husband would want something on a different night, I would change my mind, I would have too many leftovers, something. I ended up with a lot of rotten food, an empty pantry, and a very hungry husband. Heather's idea at What What You Have made me think it would be better to keep a fully stocked pantry with everything I might need. In other words, shopping to top off instead of shopping to fill up. I have only tried this for one week so I don't know if it works or not.

I am hoping that a combination of keeping a full pantry and making a meal plan will work. At least it will provide enough structure and ability for flexibility until I master the art of feeding a family...

Get some other meal plan ideas at I'm an Organizing Junkie. Maybe I should go get some ideas too!

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