November 15, 2008

I'm back...

I didn't completely finish because Bug woke up and "politely" requested a snack from the Boob Cafe. I'll finish tomorrow because we both need to go to bed earlier than we would if I finished tonight.

I'm estimating that I got out two of the big, black yard bags worth, plus a box or two for books and fragile items. I know full well that I let some things slip by but it is a start!

Most of it was maternity clothes. Not hard at all to get rid of. It was all hand-me-downs from my aunt and let's just say she has the tiniest obsession with floral print. The thing that I thought would be hard but surprisingly wasn't was my rocks.

For years I have collected rocks. Not particularly amazing rocks. Just ones that caught my eye with an interesting feature or color.

For years my mother begged me to get rid of the rocks. She made me personally carry them every time we moved in hopes that I would realize they were not the most convenient collection. She made me take them to college. She was shocked when I brought them into the house of my husband.

Well, tonight the rocks went. Not all of them, I wasn't going for a miracle. 57 stayed and 102 left. And it wasn't all that hard. I must be growing up...

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  1. Funny, I have been purging of some things too. I collect(ed)rocks, marbles, coins, stamps, masks, books, and people with birthdays on the 16 of any month. The last couple of months I too have been "passing on" things that I never thought I would want to. Not the books or people or masks though. And not everything. But isn't it amazing how the things kept have so much more meaning after the superfluous fluff is cleared away? The rocks and marbles I have kept are only the really special ones. Isn't it funny that the two of us, having very different lives are still doing the same thing? Is that what kindred spirits are all about?