November 09, 2008

I am ruined…

I don’t understand how people can say that boys and girls aren’t different. They are. Very. As the Mama of a two month old Bug I can firmly say that a baby girl would never do the things my son does.

Last night I gave him a bath because he peed in his ear. When I told my husband he said, “Wow kid! Good aim. But when I was your age I took out the TV.”

We tried ECing (more on that to come) and he would only pee peacefully in God’s Great Outdoors. My husband’s response? “That’s my boy! Just have to let ‘em air out sometimes.”

He gets the biggest kick out of burping, spitting up, farting, peeing, and Lord knows what else. I can’t count how many times I’ve wiped his precious bottom and seen that little butthole pucker and heard a tiny rush of wind. (Having a child has brought new meaning to the phrase, “I’ve changed your diapers.”) And he ALWAYS has the HUGEST smile on his face. Last night, after I figured out exactly what the liquid was in his ear, I looked up to see his round little face broken out in a dazzling, self satisfied, toothless grin. I looked back at him with the frazzled, worn out, tiered look of a new Mama and said, “I’m ruined kid. You will be the death of me.”

And he smiled bigger. (“Wow, only two months and I’ve already got her!”)

And I smiled back…and kissed his belly.


  1. Wow! He peed in his EAR? That's amazing.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad that you've found it helpful. Feel free to e-mail me if you ever have questions about anything. I'll try to help if I can :)

  2. Hey!just so ya know i miss ya lots and i will be reading ur blog often! it was great seeing u!xoxo